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Security Incident Management

The Unthinkable Happened. What You Do Next Matters the Most.

Sometimes, even when organizations do everything right, the unthinkable happens.  A zero-day exploit, a temporary lapse of security controls, or some other unknown issue allowed a hacker the toe-hole needed to exploit your systems.  What you do next matters the most.

InfoSecure incident response teams help you prepare for, manage, respond to and recover from even the most complex cyber attacks quickly and effectively. You define the priority and support, which dictates InfoSecure response time and strategy to provide assistance. If an on-site incident responder is required, we can support you remotely until the responder arrives on-site.

Why It's Important

Our Incident Response Teams deliver:

  • Written and/or verbal guidance for artifact and evidence collection
  • Written and/or verbal guidance for artifact and evidence collection
  • Chain of custody procedures and documentation
  • Guidance and/or recommendations on remediating vulnerabilities discovered

If you want to ensure you have the right resources in place should a security incident occur, the Incident Response Management Retainer guarantees the availability of our elite Incident Response team to contain, mitigate and help you recover from a security breach.

Licensed Private Investigators

InfoSecure's team is unique in that we are insured, bonded, and licensed private investigators.  What does this mean for you? Simple: Our investigation techniques and chain of custody are accepted by most law enforcement agencies.  This distinction has helped InfoSecure become an approved Criminal Investigative Agency for the Bexar County (Texas) Criminal District Court.

How We Can Help

InfoSecure Penetration TestingMinimize the duration and impact of a security breach

Our security experts help manage the incident and stop the damage

Reduce costs with remote phone support and get immediate results

Create an effective plan to respond quickly to a security breach


InfoSecure Tailors Each Engagement to our Client's Specific Needs and Provides Unsurpassed Customer Service throughout the Project Lifecycle.

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