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Phishing Simulator and Training

Evaluate Your Organization’s Susceptibility to Phishing and Spear Phishing

InfoSecure’s phishing simulator delivers phishing awareness training, attack simulations, and full reporting.  Our simulated attack system allows simulated phishing emails to be sent to your staff.  Those who succumb to the simulated attack are sent an awareness email and directed to targeted training that you’ll be able to track with comprehensive reporting via our management portal.

Key Benefits of InfoSecure's Phishing Simulator

  • Provides dozens of customizable email templates which address factors such as attachments, embedded links, and requests for personal data.
  • Presents any employee who falls for a simulated attack with targeted training that explains the situation and provides specific tips and guidance for future use
  • Offers random scheduling and multiple tests per campaign.   This feature minimizes impact to help desk staff and provides a variety of different simulated attacks during the same campaign
  • Our reporting tool provides extensive analytics about employee responses
  • Optional testing checks workstations for browser and other vulnerabilities.
  • Helps focus employee thinking on email security.

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